Monthly Archives: June 2012

Hello world!

This is me, looking all cute and stuff

Drew does it all details my life as a baby trying (despite my mom’s best efforts) to grow up.  As her last child, she wants to hang on to my baby-tude, which I understand because I am super cute at this stage.  But I say, don’t stop the inevitable, blog about it.

Who Got Chops?

Today I was lucky enough to score my first piece of real meat-a microscopic nugget of grilled pork chop.  After months of various colors of slop, it’s great to finally be trusted with something that has texture.  It tastes similar to the piece of carpet I had yesterday at school, a little stringy.

See, first walking, then meat, now blogging.  I AM doing it all!!

From Baby Steps to Blogs

I took my first steps today!!  Finally! I’ve been watching everyone else do it for months and after enough observation, I finally coordinated my balance with moving my legs to actually propel myself forward.  Judging by the reaction of my family, this seems like a big deal.  I hope everything I do in life is met with smiles from ear to ear and applause.

And so, with this milestone, I’ve developed enough confidence to start this blog.  If I can maintain myself upright AND move at the same time, there’s no limit to what I can do…at least that’s the way I see it.

And I’m off!