Cribs Are For Suckas

I’ve spent my whole life (all of 10 months) cuddled in between the two people who love me the most in the whole world.  I relish the warmth and security I feel knowing I have protectors on either side of me.  Plus, I have midnight snacks at the ready by way of ta-ta milk-my favorite!  So why on God’s green earth do they keep trying to put me in that box, a.k.a “the crib”?  I HATE it!

There’s nothing appealing to me about sleeping alone in a rectangle of reclusiveness.  Just the thought of it sends me over the edge, which is why I scream bloody murder whenever I get too close to it.  They call it “my bed.” What I’ve tried to communicate to them is that I have a bed and that’s not it.  It’s called “our bed” and it doesn’t have bars surrounding it.  And the room where this square of solitude is in can’t be all that great because my big sister is always running away and sneaking into our bed.  Because that’s the place to be!  Our bed is where we have fun family time, read books and sing songs and then have wind down time.  The fact that they’re trying to kick me out leads me to believe they have a secret that they’re not telling.  Well, I’ve got news for them.  I’m no sucka…I’m not going anywhere!!

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  1. I agree!! Just had my third baby and my mom asked me if I was going to buy a “pack n play” (not even sure what that is) constantly!!! so annoying,…..and despite my telling her I didnt need one, she bought one for me and told me that it wasnt safe for me to sleep with my kiddos. arghhhh!!! now I have this thing taking up space in my room, and the kids jus jump in it, lol

    • Hi Latonia,
      Thanks for checking out my blog! My mom said she used the “pack n play” (portable crib) for my big sister and big brother before they graduated to the box I refuse to sleep in. But because she thought she could get more sleep if she didn’t have to get in and out of the bed to nurse, she decided to keep me in her bed. What she failed to realize, was that because the food is right there, I want to eat more. (Too bad for her!!) So she gets less sleep (I think). But on the upside, I vow to take care of her in her old age due to her sacrifice!!

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