Hello world!

This is me, looking all cute and stuff

Drew does it all details my life as a baby trying (despite my mom’s best efforts) to grow up.  As her last child, she wants to hang on to my baby-tude, which I understand because I am super cute at this stage.  But I say, don’t stop the inevitable, blog about it.

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    • Thanks dude. My mom is hot, but you gotta get past my dad first before you could “do her” and I should warn you Sampson, my dad’s a badass (mom’s words not mine.)

    • Hi Julia’s Mom! I will work on incorporating more pictures for you. I noticed mommy was having trouble uploading pics with her new phone. (How hard can it be??) I’ll see what I can do. Meanwhile, why don’t you follow my blog, that way, when I do post pics you’ll be among the first to see ’em! Tell Julia I said let’s do a playdate….have her people call my people.

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